We all know how important our teeth are. Taking care of your teeth is a must if you do want to be healthy and have I good life, enjoying all the delicious food you can have. There are people who cannot stand without having white, shiny teeth. But this is the only reason we should take more care of them? Of course not!

Having healthy teeth means long-time happiness. The more you daily take care of them and you regularly to go the dentist, the more you will not have to worry about having pain while eating or needs to spend a lot of money on other surgeries.

Now that we have seen the general rules of having healthy teeth, let’s get more into the subject. Probably most of you have already heard about orthodontics. But have much do you know about it? If you want to discover what it is about and how important is as a field of dentistry, you came to the right place!

First things first, orthodontics is a separate field of dentistry that identifies possible tooth defects and correct them. As a good example, we might discuss the alignment of the teeth or their bite.

Many people confront this problem and they are not even aware of the severity of the problem! In time, all these unsolved problems might put you in a dangerous situation, not to mention the higher costs that will come with that!

To have a clearer perspective about what is and does an orthodontist, let’s see the main differences between him and a dentist in https://villagedentalnyc.com. While both are taking care of a good oral function of the patients, the dentist focuses only on the teeth, gum, jaw, and nerves. An orthodontist on the other side helps with repairing a wrong bite or a bad alignment of the teeth.

Who is more important? Hard to say! As in every field, any person has its own important part in this, and this is why none of them is better than the other.

That’s been said, it is clear that the dentist plays a bigger part in our life since we visit the dentist regularly, even when we do not have a specific issue with the teeth. An orthodontist intervenes only when a problem is faced and needs to be solved.

Whenever we want to correct something regarding our oral hygiene or aspect, the orthodontist has specific things that he can solve. Since quite many people need an orthodontist at least once in life, maybe you already had an appointment with it.

But did you know that besides the similarities between him and the dentist, they are different types of doctors and have specific tasks to fulfill?

Do not forget! Anytime you see there is something unusual with your oral health, go and visit the orthodontist. He will tell you exactly what you need to do and you take no risks regarding your health.

A dentist on the other side should be seen more times, even when nothing seems to be wrong. Go at least twice a year and check if everything is okay with your oral health. Waiting and discovering a problem too late might not save your teeth or it will costs you even more money!


What are Crowns?

After some time, your teeth may get some serious damage due to some health issues or even for the lack of good dental hygiene, and in most cases, these problems can be solved with minor procedures like fillings, however, if the damage it’s too severe to the point where part of your teeth or even the complete structure of the teeth has been lost, then your dentist at Temecula Ridge Dentistry will recommend you to use crowns, which are no more than special “caps” that are inserted over the damaged part to provide some cover and power by restoring the tooth’s shape, form and strength while avoiding suffering from any infection or pain while eating.

Why Would you Need Crowns?

You should consider getting a crown if your teeth are suffering from some problems like signs of decay or if you want to keep that weak tooth safe from more damage, restoring a broken tooth is a good idea, and with crowns that procedure got easier with the pass of years.

However, you shouldn’t think of crowns as a last choice because they have good compatibility with other dental procedures like root canals procedure, which means that you can protect a tooth that was a victim from that experience with a crown and everything will be as good as ever.

Another good alternative of replacing your weak teeth is by going for a dental implant, which tends to be more realistic and more appealing depending on the kind of people that gets that treatment, however, since crowns can be made of some resisting metal, in some occasions is recommended to use those crowns as a protection and security measure to avoid cracking or damaging that dental implant by an unlucky movement, so it would be a good investment in the future in case that you face this situation.

Benefits of Using Crowns:

Depending on the current situation of your teeth, crowns have multiple benefits and advantages since they were introduced as an affordable solution to tooth issues that leave scars or empty spaces in your mouth, and since this modern society wants to look stylish as ever, then the opportunity of using crowns is clever than ever, so, let’s see a list of these advantages:

  • They are a good and cheap alternative to support teeth that were destroyed by decay issues.
  • Dental implants can be easily ignored with crowns and the best thing about it is that you will not notice any disadvantage between these two options.
  • You don’t have to worry about style in your mouth because crowns count with different colors, shapes, and forms depending on your taste, requirements, and budget.
  • Root canal procedures can leave some problems in your teeth after the procedure, especially if you are not careful enough, for that reason, crowns can be used as a bridge that will protect the injured or recently treated tooth under any circumstance.
  • The success rate of the operation or procedure that will be used for the installation of crowns is incredibly high, a lot of dentists are capable of performing it.
  • Finally, crowns are very durable for their price and materials, they can last up to 5 to 15 years after tough usage, just don’t try to be a madman and treat your teeth carefully and everything will be alright.

Dental implants are titanium screws (cylinders) that are surgically placed into a person’s jawbone. This is in the case where there are missing teeth below the gums.

The moment they get implanted, the dentist like at Digital Smiles – Long Beach can now mount replacement teeth on them. This makes your new tooth which can also be referred to as the crown will exactly look similar to your real teeth.

So how do these dental implants work?

One thing for sure is that dental implants usually fuse the jawbone. This normally provides stable support for the artificial. Bridges and dentures mounted to the implants are well fixed in that they will not shift or slip in your mouth when one is eating, speaking, etc.

This secure fit attribute of implants helps in making it feel more natural and this makes one feel great about themselves.

Benefits of dental implants.

-They help improve your appearance.

One thing that dental implants do is that they preserve the jawbone that also preventing your facial structure from deteriorating. This helps improve the facial appearance of a person.

The moment one loses their natural teeth, the jawbone is left with nothing to stimulate bone growth. The human body is very complex and will detect that the jawbone is no longer needed to support the teeth and it will begin dissolving away. This can lead to extensive deterioration of the facial structure.

This will cause wrinkles to begin developing around your mouth giving you an awkward look, the lower face will shrivel creating a chin that looks so bad or lips to fold off.

This makes one look much older than their actual age. Dental implants help one get rid of these kinds of wrinkles so that one can have that young facial look once again.

One should know that with even just one tooth missing, one implant-supported tooth replacement will do them a lot of good and prevent the rest of the natural teeth from developing problems.

Dental implants help one restore their self-esteem and be able to renew their confidence.


With dental implants, one can feel good about themselves. They can smile and laugh without reservations, they can eat with no struggles and the pain is gone. Since dental implants look exactly like natural teeth, someone’s mouth will no longer have the privilege of dictating how one lives their life. You will look happy and satisfied with how you look.

Dental implants can restore your mouth to its natural state.

Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. The moment the entire tooth gets replaced, your smile will be restored since they truly feel like natural teeth. This means that everything in your mouth will look natural in a way that no one will know you have a replaced tooth.

Dental implants enable you to be comfortable in your daily life.

Dental implants are different from dentures as you will never have to take them out. This means you can eat, drink, floss, brush, and sleep with your dental implants for they are permanent.

A sinus augmentation also known as a sinus lift is a medical procedure that aims to increase the thickness of the bone around the nasal septum by cutting out the middle layer of bone, then inserting a bone graft and replacing the thin layer of cartilage.

In this way, the nasal septum is widened. This can be done with or without an implant placed in the bone. Some patients can get rid of their nasal deformity without undergoing the surgery; others have to go through the surgery just to regain their normal features.

The purpose of a sinus augmentation is that it is an operation aimed at increasing the size of your nasal passages, both the uvula and the middle section of the maxillary sinus.

The surgery may also be referred to as a ‘cranio-facial’ operation because it is designed to reshape the face in a way that increases facial prominence and creates a more aesthetically pleasing nose.

A sinus augmentation is often recommended by a physician when he or she suspects that the sinuses may be filled with pus or have a blockage of the nasal passages.

When the patient has a sinus infection, thus usually drains into the back of the throat, causing hoarseness and difficulty swallowing. Sometimes a doctor will order a sinus lift to clear up the sinuses so that the patient will not suffer from further complications of an infection.

Some patients are given this procedure before the infection even begins because a sinus infection can cause additional problems after it has been treated.

Some of the problems that can arise due to a sinus infection include ear pain, fever, pain or pressure in the upper chest, nasal congestion, and a sore throat that does not improve without treatment.

In general, a sinus augmentation can reduce pain and swelling caused by a sinus infection, but it is important to remember that no treatment is perfect.

If the sinus infection is not treated, it may become chronic and lead to more serious health problems. Some patients experience some side effects from a sinus augmentation, including mild discomfort in the area where the surgery was performed and the possibility of a reoccurrence of infection.

The main reason for a doctor to perform a sinus lift is to clear up the sinuses and reduce the symptoms of an infection.

Maxillary sinus wall augmentation is an invasive surgical procedure that aims to increase the volume of bone within the upper, Schneiderian canal, the space between the premolar tooth and maxillary sinus wall, by inserting a bone graft and lifting the lower mucosal layer.

This tissue is made up of a thick fibrous layer, known as the epidermal papillae, and is responsible for the ‘hump’ or projection on the surface of the maxillary sinus.

There are two main techniques used for maxillary sinus wall augmentation, either through a single incision under the nose or through two separate incisions in front of it.

The second technique is usually preferred because of the more rapid recovery time and the improved results that can be achieved. The bone graft is placed directly into the nasal cavity using a small incision above the maxillary sinus surface and a large one beneath the maxillary sinus.

The bone is then covered in a saline solution and the incision is closed with sutures.

Millions of people around the world suffer from the same problem, there are lots of health issues that make losing teeth feel like something common in this modern society which is sadly true since with the large number of individuals that get affected by tooth decay, infections, and other complications in their jawbone or gums, not everyone counts with a fully functional mouth that could eat or chew food correctly without suffering from any pain episode or issue at all, but is exactly for that reason that dentist exist, to solve the problems related to the mouth and more specifically to the teeth.

However, there are lots of dentists and you should know the hierarchy to be fully informed in the case that you got affected by one of the previous issues that were mentioned, so today let’s begin with one of the most famous types of santa barbara dentist that work under the stage of General Dentistry, they are called general dentist, stay tuned to learn more about them.

What is General Dentistry?

This is the first face of dentistry since it’s ruled over a general dentist, the professionals that will receive you in their office when you have any problem in your teeth that is causing damage or any kind of pain.

They take care of easy and average procedures such as dental cleanings with their equipment and tools that have at their hand, diagnostic of issues and sickness that could be affecting your mouth without you even knowing it, fillings procedures that will require some sessions and even a crown installation procedure to make your mouth look like a natural creation even with the artificial implant or tooth.

In general, this kind of dentist is one of the most popular since more than 80% of the population of the world because they know how to deal with basic or average problems that can be fixed with some minor procedures or even with antibiotics that doesn’t require too much handling or extreme tools like the ones that use oral surgeons when something really bad and messed up happens inside your mouth.

Benefits of General Dentistry:

There are lots of benefits in this branch of dentistry since it’s the one that is more qualified for the majority of the problems that suffers this modern society without wasting too much time or money on inexpensive procedures that can be avoided with some minor procedures or antibiotics that will be prescribed by the general dentist, but overall, you need to know which one is the benefits of these professionals, so let’s not waste more time and start right now.

  • They will help you to fix problems from the most basic ones to the average issues that will require some procedures or visits to other dentists or surgeons with a higher hierarchy.
  • General dentistry exists to give diagnostic to the population about issues or infections that could happen in their teeth.
  • They produce educational content for a society that can be kind of helpful especially for the young ones.
  • Having dental hygiene is very important, and general dentists will do their best to teach you how to do it properly.