What does Dental Crown do?

What are Crowns?

After some time, your teeth may get some serious damage due to some health issues or even for the lack of good dental hygiene, and in most cases, these problems can be solved with minor procedures like fillings, however, if the damage it’s too severe to the point where part of your teeth or even the complete structure of the teeth has been lost, then your dentist at Temecula Ridge Dentistry will recommend you to use crowns, which are no more than special “caps” that are inserted over the damaged part to provide some cover and power by restoring the tooth’s shape, form and strength while avoiding suffering from any infection or pain while eating.

Why Would you Need Crowns?

You should consider getting a crown if your teeth are suffering from some problems like signs of decay or if you want to keep that weak tooth safe from more damage, restoring a broken tooth is a good idea, and with crowns that procedure got easier with the pass of years.

However, you shouldn’t think of crowns as a last choice because they have good compatibility with other dental procedures like root canals procedure, which means that you can protect a tooth that was a victim from that experience with a crown and everything will be as good as ever.

Another good alternative of replacing your weak teeth is by going for a dental implant, which tends to be more realistic and more appealing depending on the kind of people that gets that treatment, however, since crowns can be made of some resisting metal, in some occasions is recommended to use those crowns as a protection and security measure to avoid cracking or damaging that dental implant by an unlucky movement, so it would be a good investment in the future in case that you face this situation.

Benefits of Using Crowns:

Depending on the current situation of your teeth, crowns have multiple benefits and advantages since they were introduced as an affordable solution to tooth issues that leave scars or empty spaces in your mouth, and since this modern society wants to look stylish as ever, then the opportunity of using crowns is clever than ever, so, let’s see a list of these advantages:

  • They are a good and cheap alternative to support teeth that were destroyed by decay issues.
  • Dental implants can be easily ignored with crowns and the best thing about it is that you will not notice any disadvantage between these two options.
  • You don’t have to worry about style in your mouth because crowns count with different colors, shapes, and forms depending on your taste, requirements, and budget.
  • Root canal procedures can leave some problems in your teeth after the procedure, especially if you are not careful enough, for that reason, crowns can be used as a bridge that will protect the injured or recently treated tooth under any circumstance.
  • The success rate of the operation or procedure that will be used for the installation of crowns is incredibly high, a lot of dentists are capable of performing it.
  • Finally, crowns are very durable for their price and materials, they can last up to 5 to 15 years after tough usage, just don’t try to be a madman and treat your teeth carefully and everything will be alright.